Sterling Silver: Our silver jewelry is made from sterling silver (0.925), which is a mixture of pure silver and another metal, usually copper. The result being added strength and durability to the alloy. 

Silver Filled: A 5 or 10 percent layer of durable sterling silver bonded to a copper-alloy or brass-alloy center. Silver-filled is much thicker and more durable than silver-plated.

Gold: We use 14k solid gold. 

Gold Filled: A layer of solid gold is bonded to a base metal, such brass or copper. The gold content is 1/20th, or 5 percent, of the total weight and is essentially an affordable alternative to solid gold. With proper care, your gold-filled jewelry should not rub off and will last as long as solid gold. We used 14k gold filled for our designs. 

Gemstones: Please note that all gemstones naturally vary slightly in color, shade and size, and may not always look exactly like the online store photographs. However, we believe that these individual characteristics are what make the piece beautiful, unique and like no other. 


Metals naturally build a surface tarnish over time. This is why it's best to keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals (perfumes, hairspray, chlorine, spray tan), body lotions, and extreme temperatures. All of these can affect the appearance of the metal and the gemstones. Avoid sharp objects and look after your pieces (particularly gemstones) with love and care, as they are delicate and can be scratched or chipped. Our packaging is perfect for storing your jewelry when you are not wearing it. It will protect your pieces and will help avoid contact with other jewelry, objects and chemicals. We recommend to clean your jewelry carefully and regularly with a soft jewelry cleaning cloth after each wear to remove oils and other chemicals. If using a professional jewelry-cleaning products, always read the manufacturer’s instructions. With proper care, your jewelry should last a lifetime.